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Package springbots

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This package contains modules to describe the Springbot creature. Composed with springs and nodes. It implements the 2D physics behind the simulations steps of springbot's structure, the Springbot class itself and functions to load and dump xml files from springbots objects. It also contains modules which extends the Springbot class in order to provide evolving features and networking distribution, also it has a module which implements a genetic algorithm both local and network distributed to evolve Springbot for specific fitness functions implemented in the 'fitness' module like 'walk', 'swim' and 'jump'

Submodules [hide private]
  • springbots.evolvespringbot: Springbot evolution extension.
  • Tests springbot's fitness for specific tasks:
  • springbots.gear: This module contains the core part of the sprinbots, which is their nodes and springs.
  • springbots.latimname: This module has a function to generate a latim like name, but not latim at all
  • springbots.networkspringbot: This module extends the Springbot class to alow its objects to be sent via xmlrpc or other methods over network by translating(two ways) the object itself to a simpler structure based on dictionary and tuples.
  • springbots.springbot: This modules implements the springbot, a creature builded with spring and nodes.
  • springbots.vector: This module implements the Vector object.