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Module gear

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This module contains the core part of the sprinbots, which is their nodes and springs. Here are implemented all the physics behaviour and interations among those parts.

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A node is a mass circle which acts gravity, air resistance.
Spring: An object that connect nodes, and can only exist if connecting two diferent nodes.
Variables [hide private]
  ANGLE_STEP = 0.025
The rate which the angle changes, this parameter affects the frequency of motion of springs
  GRAVITY = (0, 0.3)
Acceleration vector aplied every step of simulation on nodes
% of node's velocity lost every step of simulation
Parameter which determines the force of springs
  VISCOSITY = 0.05
Causes buoyancy force on springs motion
  NODE_WEIGHT = 1.26
This parameter is not used on physics
  RADIUS = 8
Node's radius
  MAX_NORMAL = 400.0
Maximum spring's normal
  UP = 1
Direction constant: UP
  DOWN = 2
Direction constant: DOWN
  LEFT = 3
Direction constant: LEFT
  RIGHT = 4
Direction constant: RIGHT